Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

This week is unfocused. I am really happy because I could use the photo that I accidentally take.

Actually, I love taking photo while walking on the road. I just want to take many photos every second. Taking photo while walking is very challenging since you should keep the focus of your camera. I am very happy when I got the best picture when I do that although I have many unfocused photos. Sometimes, I think that taken photo was great (looking to photo display on my phone), but when I move them into my computer, many of them are unfocused photos.


Unfocused Water Way

Other thing, I really like to take photo from near distance. I did it since I hope I could get the more detail of the object that I targeted. Here is some the result of unfocused.

Unfocused Digital Camera

Unknown White Flower and Insect

Unknown White Flower

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