Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today! This week’s theme is a bit different (but you like that, don’t you?) – it’s about TODAY. This day. The day you’re reading and reacting to this post. No rules or guidance on what to post other than the photo must be taken today! Don’t cheat, don’t go into your photo archives on your computer, don’t link to an old post. Get your camera out, right now, and snap a picture to share with everyone! 

Well, actually the theme save my time since I mustn’t dig my photo collections. Just like written there, get my camera out and shot a picture and share it.

Oh my God, get camera out and shot is not easy as said. After waking up in the morning, I think what should I take? It is still dark. May be I should wait until the sun show its self. I guess, it is not interesting to share my room since it is mess up.

Finally, the sun rise, I could go out there. Since I don’t have any other place except street market that I tell before. I go there and have breakfast. As always beautiful sunlight and fence greats me.

Fence Silhouette

When I look down, I see the pattern of the way that I always step on it. Looking at silhouette, I remember the window that I just shot before while I was in that room before going out.

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