Summer and Under Sky and Clouds

Similar to the blog title “Natsu” means summer.

I know, I live in Indonesia that only has two season. You’re right, I live in tropical country. Because of that, until now, I still don’t know what summer look like. Despite all of them, I try to interpret what summer is. Summer is happiness. People hope good thing happen when summer come. People will visit the other side of the world (Oh, I believe most of people will have vacation). And Summer is hottest season. 😀

In spite of place that I live, I still have dream of summer. What it is? One day, you’ll probably know, and I hope that day.

When summer comes, the trees will show their beautiful green leaves.

And the Journey of Summer begins…

Leaves of the Tree

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Tower and Sky

It is an ordinary photo but it is like painting. The tower is really small than the sky. Sky is really wide with the cloud colonies. Sometimes, cloud colonies look like objects (people face, cow, etc) that we are familiar to see but I could not find any of them there. May be I am unlucky this time. I see, how small the tower is. Above the skies there are skies.

It is dark, but actually when I was taking it, It was sunny. People sometimes hide their sadness, deep below in their hearts. So, they don’t want to other people know about their sadness. It is reminds me the old song from 60’s, Sukiyaki song (上を向いて歩こう) by Kyu Sakamoto.


Happiness lies beyond the clouds


Happiness lies up above the sky