Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ~ Last Part

Here is the last part of the weekly photo challenge. This is the first time I post twice for weekly photo challenge. Oh, seems I am fired now, may be.

Actually, I want to make only one post for this, but I will too many photos there. So I tried to separated. I don’t have any idea how I separated it. Just random picking the pictures.

Here is the second part or the last part.

Two weeks ago, I went back home. My home is located in county, but not too far from nearest city. There, we could find many rice fields since near all most people there are farmers, include my main family.

Not far from my house, there are railway. I and my friends used to play there when little, especially when fast day, every morning all people together gather there. Meeting other friend from other village, what a nostalgic! Actually, we know, playing there was dangerous. But, we love to be there!

We love great people inside the train by waving our hands!

Let’s look closely to the railway.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

From weekly photo challenge, this week we have theme : close. You could check this here where the theme announced :dailypost.

Close is close. Close could someone, place, thing, place, and everything that close to us. I don’t have much photo in close range. So, I shared what I have :

Do you what this is?

The next item, I got this, when I was in Klaten visiting the Batik production house. It is stamp that used to create motive in Batik.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today! This week’s theme is a bit different (but you like that, don’t you?) – it’s about TODAY. This day. The day you’re reading and reacting to this post. No rules or guidance on what to post other than the photo must be taken today! Don’t cheat, don’t go into your photo archives on your computer, don’t link to an old post. Get your camera out, right now, and snap a picture to share with everyone! 

Well, actually the theme save my time since I mustn’t dig my photo collections. Just like written there, get my camera out and shot a picture and share it.

Oh my God, get camera out and shot is not easy as said. After waking up in the morning, I think what should I take? It is still dark. May be I should wait until the sun show its self. I guess, it is not interesting to share my room since it is mess up.

Finally, the sun rise, I could go out there. Since I don’t have any other place except street market that I tell before. I go there and have breakfast. As always beautiful sunlight and fence greats me.

Fence Silhouette

When I look down, I see the pattern of the way that I always step on it. Looking at silhouette, I remember the window that I just shot before while I was in that room before going out.

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Summer and Under Sky and Clouds

Similar to the blog title “Natsu” means summer.

I know, I live in Indonesia that only has two season. You’re right, I live in tropical country. Because of that, until now, I still don’t know what summer look like. Despite all of them, I try to interpret what summer is. Summer is happiness. People hope good thing happen when summer come. People will visit the other side of the world (Oh, I believe most of people will have vacation). And Summer is hottest season. 😀

In spite of place that I live, I still have dream of summer. What it is? One day, you’ll probably know, and I hope that day.

When summer comes, the trees will show their beautiful green leaves.

And the Journey of Summer begins…

Leaves of the Tree

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Ah… Hands.

Thinking, finding, and digging all my photo collections. Finally, I got this.


Originally, that image is not too good. So, I tried to add some effects on it. May be other people show good clear photo. But different with me, I tried to show about many hands of many people. I hope you enjoy it.

I remember, I got that last year when I still lived in dorm.

Thank you. 🙂

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A-Z Archive: T! Challenge | Tenderloin Steak

Well, what should I put in T? While I was looking to my photo gallery, I stopped, and remember that we have T in A-Z Archive T Challenge. I have Tenderloin for T

Tenderloin Steak

I think, it could be lonely for Tenderloin in this article, so, I put Chocolate Sand here.

Chocolate Sand

Enjoy, and I hope you like it. 😀

Stuck with writing, I don’t have idea

I realize that everyone will have this state when they are writing. I want to write more and more but I don’t know what should I write in other words I don’t have any enough topics for my articles.

After reaching state like this, I start to ask my self what is the main motive I write? Is it for fun? for filling my blog to be seen that I am an active blogger? or for sharing with other? Motive or intention is the start of everything that do by human. Thinking again about the main purpose of writing is very useful to keep the spirit of writing. Because when we are in this state, I do believe that the probability for us to give up on writing for a moment is quite high. Like I feel now.

Got it, after thinking, I know what is the best purpose on writing. It is sharing information with other. We know, that everyone has his/her own experience event they live in same place. Yeah, everyone has his/her brain and thinking. Even they are twin, they could experience different thing even they do same thing. Until now, I still believe that our brains create processes that make us different each other.

I could say that blogging is a kind of socialization among other people. By writing we share anything not only information but also feeling, idea, thought, and experience. What is the benefit? I am sure by doing this we could be more understand each other. A person will motivate other person, a person will inspire other people too. Although, I don’t do like other people do, may be I would get same experience when I read other people stories.

Sharing is helping other, believe me! One day I had typhoid fever. Baca lebih lanjut