Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

From weekly photo challenge, this week we have theme : close. You could check this here where the theme announced :dailypost.

Close is close. Close could someone, place, thing, place, and everything that close to us. I don’t have much photo in close range. So, I shared what I have :

Do you what this is?

The next item, I got this, when I was in Klaten visiting the Batik production house. It is stamp that used to create motive in Batik.

hiks, blurred.

The day before yesterday, I and my friend toke campus touring to visiting some interesting place. I just remembered this challenge, so I tried to expose the ordinary thing. More close up about them. 😀

I think they are awesome when we look it close up.

The chair pillar….


The tower foot..

That’s all what I have for this time. I know, there is nothing special about them. Just ordinary things that we usually pass, meet, hold. That means they close to us. I tried to expose them closely, to find the beautiful part of them. I don’t know if I could show the beautiful part of them in this time since I know, the pictures showed here.

At the end, I hope you could enjoy my pictures. I am glad if you like it. For the bonus, I have green grass.

Green, green

Enjoy, your internet time. Keep save from the dangerous content!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

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