Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ~ Last Part

Here is the last part of the weekly photo challenge. This is the first time I post twice for weekly photo challenge. Oh, seems I am fired now, may be.

Actually, I want to make only one post for this, but I will too many photos there. So I tried to separated. I don’t have any idea how I separated it. Just random picking the pictures.

Here is the second part or the last part.

Two weeks ago, I went back home. My home is located in county, but not too far from nearest city. There, we could find many rice fields since near all most people there are farmers, include my main family.

Not far from my house, there are railway. I and my friends used to play there when little, especially when fast day, every morning all people together gather there. Meeting other friend from other village, what a nostalgic! Actually, we know, playing there was dangerous. But, we love to be there!

We love great people inside the train by waving our hands!

Let’s look closely to the railway.

Railway that I used play

Moving from the railway, that time was the time I should go back to Bandung. It is become my habit to travel from my home to Bandung by train. I never go to Bandung from my home using other transportation except train.

You know why? because when I travel by train I could see my home from the train- simple reason. I always wait the train in this station. Here the picture got when the train run arriving to station. He run closer to station.

Train… ngungggg

Oh, before departing, I tried to create a railway track photo. Here what I got. Since I don’t know much about technically how to take a good photo, I just tried to do what I should do about the technically about it from what I read in a book. Here is the first I want to expose, the railway track pattern closely.

Railway pattern

Oh, I also have the kitty from my friend house in Klaten. Here the picture of her or him (not sure).

I take it in close range

The last group photo, remember close, I remember my laptop that always stay close to me. Thank for my laptop since I could share story with you. 😀

Key board of my Laptop

My laptop screen

Those what I have. Enjoy!

I just want to share with you.


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