Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ~ Last Part

Here is the last part of the weekly photo challenge. This is the first time I post twice for weekly photo challenge. Oh, seems I am fired now, may be.

Actually, I want to make only one post for this, but I will too many photos there. So I tried to separated. I don’t have any idea how I separated it. Just random picking the pictures.

Here is the second part or the last part.

Two weeks ago, I went back home. My home is located in county, but not too far from nearest city. There, we could find many rice fields since near all most people there are farmers, include my main family.

Not far from my house, there are railway. I and my friends used to play there when little, especially when fast day, every morning all people together gather there. Meeting other friend from other village, what a nostalgic! Actually, we know, playing there was dangerous. But, we love to be there!

We love great people inside the train by waving our hands!

Let’s look closely to the railway.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

From weekly photo challenge, this week we have theme : close. You could check this here where the theme announced :dailypost.

Close is close. Close could someone, place, thing, place, and everything that close to us. I don’t have much photo in close range. So, I shared what I have :

Do you what this is?

The next item, I got this, when I was in Klaten visiting the Batik production house. It is stamp that used to create motive in Batik.

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