Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Friendship is Friendship.

This week the theme is friendship. I am quite late this week, I think. Since I just went back home for a week. There, I could not get good internet connection. Or I could random time, I could get good internet connectivity.

This theme remain me for several moment that I have with my dormitory friends or I could say my family in Bandung. I mean we are friend, sibling, and family. That’s what we feel.

I also will talk about friendship.

Back two years ago, Here the compilation :

They are walking to reach the waterfall in the end of the road. He is waiting and checking his friends that walk behind him. Good friend, he will aware and care about other friends(brother and sister).

he is checking his friends

Good friendship, good team work. Since they understand other friend strength. They could make a good team and with a good composition. Here, while walking to waterfall, we do some game to make our journey more enjoyable. Good friend will understand and support his friend. Good friend will know what his friend’s thought.

Friendship and Team Work

Okay, good friendship,they have fun together even the other people think it is not common to do. They will do something that other people never think to do. Because it is fun!

Oh, not all people could tell anything (it could about him, his hobbies, or something that is not important) to other people. There are some people that only could tell a lot about anything only to certain people (his trusted friend). His trusted friend will be in the list of the first people that will hear good or bad news that happen to him. Until may be you find out that he is talkative. But when he meet other people that not to close, he will chose to silent rather than talking. Like if you have problem, usually you feel better if you tell or only hang out with your friend.

Studying in the forest

Here,we tried to become orator. At the first time we are shy. But at the end, we know, we are friend. No thing to shy. If you could do it, we will appreciate it. If you could not do it well, we will help you until you could do it. It is hard to find friend who will help and listen.

Listening other friend

It is the waterfall that I talked. Not high enough but until now we still could feel the fresh water that flow between our feet and the sound from it. Good friend will strengthen other friend. Oh, the last, the good friend will tell and remain his friend when his friend do something that is not right to do! This last point that some people usually forget I think.

Holding hand

That’s the end of our journey.

Now, I have another journey with my friends. We climb mount Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung. It is not difficult track.

At Tangkuban Perahu Summit

For the bonus, since we arrive there at noon, we pray dzuhur over there. That was amazing.

Pray at the summit

The last, in other moment we meet three children that buy Baso after they play together.

Three children that are friend buy Baso together.


*Friend that could be closed friend. You know the level of friendship.

*He (read: he/she) and other changing as pronoun, etc.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. Bagus fotonya! Saya melihat foto “Pray at the summit” jadi ingat kembali kenangan bersama-temen waktu dibandung dulu 🙂 Gara-gara nyasar jadi mampir dimari dulu deh hehe
    Salam kenal sob 🙂

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  3. Ping-balik: Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ~ Last Part « 夏の夢

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