Ramaya.na : How Google Introduces Its Products and Tells The Ramayana Story

A few month ago, Google just opened its new office in Jakarta. The last, I heard, it is marketing office in Indonesia. We know the Indonesia has prospective Internet market.

Last night, I found something interesting in Google Chrome Experiment. Google has created an web for telling Ramyana Epic Story in Indonesia Language. You could find in here : www.ramaya.na. Here is the site description :

Ramayan a adalah cerita epik tradisional yang kini dibuat interaktif oleh Google Chrome. Nikmati cerita kuno ini dengan cara baru melalui browser Chrome terkini.

Ramayana is epic story, I still remember when I was child, my father told me the story about it when we were together watching puppet show. I also usually watched with my grand mother the story about it by watching puppet (wayang kulit). That was nostalgic. I think I should not put the story plot over here, you could experience it by opening that site or visit it. It also remains me that when I was in senior high school, I together with my friend had ever played Ramayana in English Language Class. If I am not wrong, we played like Wayang Orang with English script.

Google gives another experience when you open that site. That site is similar to children story book (book that when we open it, we will have our book page flipped and suddenly, the castle or the person appear standing). I think that was the basic Idea on interactive story. So, what are the differences? Google uses browser for telling this story and uses the technologies behind it and full music always. Google has elegantly collaborated HTML 5 and pop-up window as the main part of the show. Those are amazing. Stunned.

For the music, It is used traditional music Gamelan. I think three kinds of Gamelan used. They are Javanese, Sundanese , and Balinese. The more interesting is : user also actively interacts in the story. For example, when Rama wants to shot Rahwana or Deer using his arrow, the user should shot in the right target. If the target is shot successfully, the story continues.

In the story, Google shows all its products. Start from Google Chat, Google Map, Google Search, Google Search Products, Google Mail, Blogger, Google Search for Weather, and Google Chrome. I like when Google use Incognito page when shows Rahwana and his sister are incognito-disguised as-hermit and deer. Also, Use Jim’s Dead Page when Rahwana Brother died.

The other interesting thing is :  when user interact to help Rama building a bridge for Hanoman’s soldiers (Troops of Monkeys). User should arrange the pop up windows into bridge. What the interesting. If you look at the bridge background, it will changes the background. Also the arrangement and animation of pop up windows are interesting since it plays well and smoothly. Perhaps, the locations of pop up windows on Monitor are saved.

I have played this story twice and it is still amazed me. Here are some screen shots. All the scripts are in Indonesia.

Opening Screen (captured from ramaya.na)

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