Travel Theme : Street Market

Street market is a market situated in street, obviously.

I believe that almost the market at first time were situated in street. In Bandung, every time when I want to go to campus, I always pass this market. It is called Simpang Dago Market. This market is never stop, I think. You could imagine that at 3 a.m. people start to sell groceries, vegetables, and street food. Almost that goods come from Lembang. This market will change into street food market at noon (13.30 p.m.).

Usually, I breakfast or have dinner at there. For breakfast, there are many kind of foods. Most of them are Indonesia food. Since the market is situated at street, the market are divided into two parts. First part is always  place for selling street food, and the other part is place for selling many kind of groceries, vegetables, and fruits. But, at noon until night, that place will be the place for selling street foods too.

Here is the morning part. In the morning, there are many street foods are sold. We could get Kupat Tahu, Lontong Sayur, Nasi Pecel, Lumpia Basah, Odading, Nasi Goreng, Gorengan, and many many more. I believe, if you’re not Indonesia, perhaps, this is the first time you heard those food names. I’m sorry, I don’t have photos from all of them.

Here we start with Steam Peanut Seller. You know, that peanuts are still warm. The seller will package the peanuts with paper from newspaper that are coned.


I and my friend also buy Lumpia Basah. It is traditional food that consists of bean sprouts, egg, additional like baso or cornet, and lumpia.

Lumpia Basah!

I am sorry if the image has many objects.

In street market, you could found this. People who take gas tube everywhere.

Gorengan Seller with Gas Tube

The last that I want to show you are the vegetables and fruit seller. Honestly, I like those images. I hope you too. And, don’t forget, if you visit Bandung, visit this place too. 🙂


Do you know the name all of them above?

Green and Red

Thank you. Enjoy. Hehe.. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Street Market

  1. Thanks for the lovely tour around Simpang Dago Market, I loved seeing the steam peanuts, yummy! The vegetables you were looking for the English names of – the orange ones are called carrots, the yellow ones are called corn and the round green ones are called cabbages. xxx Ailsa

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