Our First Timelapse Video at CFD Juanda Bandung

I know, may be it is not too good for timelapse video. But at least, we, I and my friend Albadr, tried to make it. After we watched some of timelapse videos, we have curiosity how to make a video like that.

Then, we decided when and how to make it. At that time or until now, we could say that we don’t have any enough camera for taking a good picture for timelapse video. We decided to borrow a camera digital. That’s was not a problem since we needed a stable focus. I just though how lucky we were, we didn’t get DSLR camera but we got digital camera. I didn’t think what we should do when we had DSLR camera. Right, we didn’t bring any attribute for that such as tripod and intervalometer.

The first information that we know only how many picture that should be taken for a certain minutes videos. And the second one is, to make it, we just thought stand in a certain spot, maintain the position and press the shutter every certain second. Based on that information, we tried to create this :

Brief about Car Free Day (CFD) Juanda : Car Free Day means the day when no motor vehicles are allowed to pass a certain street. In this time the street is Juanda Street. I think there are other streets that are used for car free day in Bandung. Car Free Day starts at 6 a.m. and finishes at 10 a.m. in the Sunday morning.

Car Free Day is very attractive place and for you who visit Bandung, I recommend this place in to your destination lists. In CFD, there are so many people, there are people do exercising, cycling, jogging, and walking and many other things. Okay, enough and stop since I am going to write about it in my next article.

To make timelapse video, we went to CFD at 7 a.m. then we sought the best stop to taking a picture. Yeah we find it, but we have the trouble how to put our camera cause we didn’t have tripod. Right, we tied it on pillar and Albadr press the shutter (Ganbatte!). That’s why, I said that we were lucky to get digital camera not DSLR.

Since Albadr did it, I walked to find another best spot. Yeah, I found it near crossing bridge. In short time we moved to that place. But sadly, we know that our camera has condensed. As the result, so many of the images were blur. Unlucky, at the first trial we got this, I thought. But you know, the only thing that I thought at that time after knowing it was how to make unlucky to be lucky. We had put our attention and energy to create this….

No other choice except just pressing the shutter. That what I was thought, I believe that we still could make it even this situation happened.

“Just do it” – like we often see in Nike product.

In Indonesia, the word “konkrit” or “concrete” is very famous since many other people, they only could say or plan about something but not all of them at the end could do that. That is not caused that they could not do that, but most of them hesitate to do it and are doubt about their capabilities.

Dream is only dream in dreamland not in this land.

What is the correlation? Okay, both of us realize that what happen if we knew how to make timelapse video in detail? We believed that we never make it in the end. There are many stuffs that should be prepared and no one of them we have. Sometimes, people only need : just do it and then you’ll figure it what you should and must do.

Sometimes I meet people that conclude everything even that has not finished. Right, just predicting and judging something, we could make it, we could not make it. I think those things will limit your creativity. Since the creativity is changing the untouchable become touchable or failure become success. Like in game, in the last minutes, the result could change. Or Changing the world in the last minutes. (I hope you understand with my word here).

Okay that’s all that I want to write here. Oh, I for you who want to try to make video like this you could check this website. It is really helpful. Here is Albadr’s Story (another story about it).

Like I mention in my old about page [probably, you would not find in the current about page since previous is include in page with limitation time category], here it the first story about the it. Just wait for the next story. Cheers!


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