Summer and Under Sky and Clouds

Similar to the blog title “Natsu” means summer.

I know, I live in Indonesia that only has two season. You’re right, I live in tropical country. Because of that, until now, I still don’t know what summer look like. Despite all of them, I try to interpret what summer is. Summer is happiness. People hope good thing happen when summer come. People will visit the other side of the world (Oh, I believe most of people will have vacation). And Summer is hottest season. 😀

In spite of place that I live, I still have dream of summer. What it is? One day, you’ll probably know, and I hope that day.

When summer comes, the trees will show their beautiful green leaves.

And the Journey of Summer begins…

Leaves of the Tree

あの丘の向こうに (Our summer is over there)
僕らの夏がある (On the other side of that hill)
変わらないもの (Unchanging things)
美しいもの (Beautiful things)
すべてそこにある (All of them are there)

太陽の行方を (The sunflowers chase after)
ひまわりが追いかける (The sun’s position)
風の音さえ聞こえないほど (So intently that we can’t hear, even the sound of the wind)
ぼくらは見つめ合う (We gaze at each other)

It is like miracles, trees will show their flowers too. That’s Summer.

The sky will paint with the clouds.

Green Leaves

Green Leaves

In this world, we travel many places and meet many people. Someday, we will stop in one place and only know some people.

心と心を重ねて(Take your heart and add it to mine)
光のしずくで満たして(Fill it with drops of light)
手と手を固く結んだら (If we firmly link our hands together)
小さな奇跡が生まれる (A little miracle will be born)

運命が ここから どこへと向かおうと (I wonder, in which direction will fate go from here?)

雲に描いた約束 (Painted in the clouds is a white promise)
決して忘れない。(Never forget)


I want you to believe me.
I can see into the future
When I look into your eyes
And see the blue of the sky
Reflected there.

Zero planes fly through the sky
From a faraway era.
That the two of us
Could meet each other here
Must have been fated to be.

Let’s go and follow
The thousands of memories of love.
I will protect you forever.
Our history begins here.

Summer Sky

Summer Sky

僕らの奇跡に生まれる (Our miracle will be born)
真夏の奇跡が… (A miracle of midsummer will…)

(we are together)

That’s all what I say about summer. I hope you and you could enjoy. Summer is lovely, lonely, warm, gently, and happy.

The last, enjoy your summer!

Oh, I almost forget, since photo challenge for this week is (A-Z Archive) U, this is also participate that. U means Under. Under Sky and Under Clouds (Literally) as well as Under dream (other meaning).


*Some of the phrases is from 僕らの夏の夢 song by Tatsuro Yamashita.


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