Stuck with writing, I don’t have idea

I realize that everyone will have this state when they are writing. I want to write more and more but I don’t know what should I write in other words I don’t have any enough topics for my articles.

After reaching state like this, I start to ask my self what is the main motive I write? Is it for fun? for filling my blog to be seen that I am an active blogger? or for sharing with other? Motive or intention is the start of everything that do by human. Thinking again about the main purpose of writing is very useful to keep the spirit of writing. Because when we are in this state, I do believe that the probability for us to give up on writing for a moment is quite high. Like I feel now.

Got it, after thinking, I know what is the best purpose on writing. It is sharing information with other. We know, that everyone has his/her own experience event they live in same place. Yeah, everyone has his/her brain and thinking. Even they are twin, they could experience different thing even they do same thing. Until now, I still believe that our brains create processes that make us different each other.

I could say that blogging is a kind of socialization among other people. By writing we share anything not only information but also feeling, idea, thought, and experience. What is the benefit? I am sure by doing this we could be more understand each other. A person will motivate other person, a person will inspire other people too. Although, I don’t do like other people do, may be I would get same experience when I read other people stories.

Sharing is helping other, believe me! One day I had typhoid fever. As student, we believed it was like disaster because you were impossible to attend the class. I had a week full bed rest. But I relieved at that time I found an interesting story from doctor about typhoid fever. He wrote that people who got typhoid fever shall not always get rice porridge for their food. The main reason was they would get less energy than eating non-porridge rice. I tried it, and thank God, for a week, I could back normally.

Other example, when I was coding developing an application, sometimes I don’t understand how about something. The only way except ask to our friends is search over the internet. I understand that we need search engine for this at the first time. But, at the end we might well stop in someone blog because we find the solution on there.

I still remember what the power of idea is. Good idea is very useful in other side bad idea is a threaten. Idea could unify other people to do the same thing. In other word, Idea could change the world in Internet era, I believe it could change the world within a minute.

Right, sometimes people forget to this, I mean the purpose on writing so we see people lose their motivation on writing and they stop writing for quite long time. But back again, what we should write? For idea, we could write anything that happen around us like what I did now. I am stuck on the idea, and tried to brainstorming to get some of them.

Recently, I interested to write about the ordinary thing. Something that we usually meet but we often or even never to pay attention to them. Example, every day I pass a market when I go to campus. Right, I could write about the that market. I could start, what is it, what is the interesting, what is the unique of that, and other similar to them. Ye, even you could write about the car or computer that you always use. I believe they have done a great thing in helping your activity. You could start it, when you buy it, where you buy it, what maintenance that you always do, and other. People usually are not interested to pay attention to ordinary thing that they don’t have business. I think it could be good idea to aware about anything around us.

Oh, I forget, I have too long article here. I just remembered my teacher story about why he did research in other country. Right, by doing that, he could be the ambassador for his country. He expect to understand other people particularly scholars from other country. He believe when this happen, we could avoid war or conflict. I agree with him. I think people could reach or get it by writing and blogging.

The last, thank you for reading this even you know that I was stuck with the idea. I hope this could help you. I just share my idea and my thought.


One thought on “Stuck with writing, I don’t have idea

  1. I blog for my own satisfaction. If other people like it, great. If they don’t, that’s alright, too. However, with seven billion people on Earth, and one billion of those connected to each other on the Internet, I suspect that I’ll find a few people who share my interests.

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