Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue is deep and calm. When you see the sky, it is wide and looks very deep. When I was child, I like to see the sky by bending my body so my head is between my foots. When I did it, I was like to fell into sky. I feel like flying over the sky and fell into it. Amazing, sometimes I want do it again. Sometimes blue offers mystery that makes people feel carious.

Okay, here are my photos about the blue. All of them are photos of sky, I just realized that I never take a photo in beach or sea. Perhaps, one day I’ll do it.

Moon over blue sky

The first I put the caption Moon over the blue sky. Right, you’ll find the moon in those picture that is buried by the clouds. I took it at 9 am in the morning when the sky in the east and the moon in the west. This remain me a fictional story about the sun and the moon. May be only me that know about it. Here is the story :

Long long time ago, the earth still dark and God hasn’t created the human.

One day the God create the Sun and the Moon. He tells that He has created the earth but the earth is still dark and no light.  He said,”I have created both of you? Do you regret that I have created both of you?” He asked, “I give you freedom to do what you want to do to serve me”.

Both of them think about it carefully, and finally they understand what the God purpose. They answered to God, “Well, I know, since the earth still dark, I want to be the useful creature, so I choose to be the thing that will give the earth light. The moon is too.”- he, the sun said. So, they sun will give it shine in the morning until dark, and when dark the moon will give its shine.

You know, both of them are fell in love at that time. So sometimes when both of them are miss each other, you’ll see the moon and the sky watching each other. 😀

Okay, for the story, may be you’ll not find in other story books or this is the first time you know about it. What’s the point? sometimes we don’t like to something that happen to us, but honestly It is the best for us if you find out the God purpose. The most useful person is the useful person for other person.

The rests are almost my compilation from my previous articles.

Sunlight through the clouds and sky

When I look the photo above, I feel like, the door in the sky are opened.

Deep blue sky

Thank you for reading my weird story about the sun and the moon, I think. But I hope you enjoy it and feel refresh. 😀


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