Closing Global Software Development and International Teaming Course

Finally I could post an article for 10 may on 11 may after waiting for a day for a picture. You right, it would be more interesting if an articles with a picture.

This semester, I take a different course than usual. I take Global Software Development and International Teaming. Overall this course talk about international teaming and GSD (acronym fro Global Software Development). How the people collaborate in creating software. The course its self was taught by Mr Ward, a Fullbright scholar from Texas A&M University. Mr Ward was given an opportunity to research in GSD and International Teaming by Fullbright. Mr Ward told us, different with other people, he tried to not only him that interact with Indonesia people in this time Indonesian students but also the American people also. So finally this course happen and offered to us.

For 15 weeks, we get this course. Briefly, ITB and TAMU students are divided into some groups. Right, we are mixed between ITB and TAMU students. There are groups that consist 1 TAMU student and 2 ITB students and also there are groups that consist 2 TAMU students and 1 ITB student (like mine). What we did after divided into groups?

Firstly, we did simple project using C++. The main purpose is we could figure out what should do at the first time on the project. The next, the project became complicated using text based input we develop an Online Electronic system. Recently, I know that project was inspired when our instructure visited Bandung Electronic Store. The last we develop it into GUI use FLTK.

Okay, at the day before yesterday, we finished this course. This means that we pass it elegantly(I think). That was fun course in this semester. I learned many things about the teaming with foreign people from different culture and different background of study since my partners were Electrical Eng and Economics. The closing was quite different that other courses. We are given a certificate that told we have already completed the course. The most interesting was the the head of Fullbright and AMINEF who gave that certificate although it was only 30 minutes.

Here is almost all the participants of this course in spring semester got photo session.

GSD Students

Okay, it was the brief about one of my course this semester and I plan to write what I experienced after taking that course. Just stay update on my blog.

Thank you again for reading this. I hope I could write about it that I mention above soon.


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