Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

When I was in Saraga for exercising, surprisingly, there were so many people over there (differ from last week). Do the same thing like what I would do there. Saraga or Sarana Olah raga Ganesha (in English : Ganesha Exercise Facility) is exercise facility in my campus. Even, that is include campus facility, but the public people still could use that facility.

Yeah, Together we did exercise in Saraga. Together with my friend, I enjoy jogging there. Together, people did a thing with the other people. Over there, I enjoy watching other people spend their time with their family or friends. Since it was holiday, there were many children practice football together with their friends.

Together with friend train football

Not only the children, people from around the Bandung city also came to this place for jogging or aerobic. This  place was like a refreshing area where they could refresh their selves.

Together with other people jogging

That morning, there were so many child. I thought because that day was the end of the exam week. So many parents brought their children together.

A child reaching his sister, Together with his sister

The picture above, remain me with my little sister in my home. We was used to playing try and catch in home. Also, the picture below, remain me the same thing. Badminton was our favorite to play with my sister. Every afternoon we played it in front of my house. Since I was taking the picture, you would not find my in those photo. The people in there are unknown people (I mean I don’t know who they are) that I was taking randomly.

For all the picture, I added effects, since I took them from my phone. But I hope, you still could enjoy the together moment from the people over there.

Okay, at the end of my words, for this time, together is you with your family, your friends, and the people beside you. Being together, you always never feel lonely. Enjoy for the rest of the pictures!

Playing badminton together with father and brother

a child together with his brother

Child together with his parents

Together with his mother

Together with his father

Together with her mother and sister

Together with friends

Together with mother

For the complete album, you could see in my Google+ Photo


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

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