Distance and Time

“I was in Los Angeles America and you was in Ankara Turkey yesterday. Now, I am in Ankara Turkey, and you are in Los Angeles America. We’re separated over 3060.32 km. “

Time and distance sometimes are said to be limitation of human activity. If we are not in same place, it will be difficult on us for working together or collaborating. Distance separation like we could be in same time, but we are in different location. If we have different time zone, we also have difficulty on it. From the first sentence, I am in Los Angeles and at the same time you are in Ankara. Both of us separated 3060.32 km, that is very long distance. Time separation, it could be time zone distance, the differences of holiday, or others. But what are the hardest separation today?

If we lived in years of1600 or 1000, I believed that both of them had great impact on human being. At that time, the world still unexplored. The theory of the earth was still developing or in other words people was exploring the earth. It was impossible for human being to work and collaborate together. The information shared slowly and limited. For simple example : supposed to be me and my friend at that year. Suddenly my friend moved to other city. So, at the end, we were separated by distance. In this condition, it was difficult to communicate and the most possible communication was letter. Communication only using letter would take long time. It the effect, the respond also would take long time too. The information could be invalid when the letter came since the longest journey that took.

To overcome this problem, people started to developing the device that can help sending the message in instant time. In 1900, telegraph was found. In that era, people could send the message in short time but the information in that message was limited. Technology is continued its development. So telephone was born, then continued to mobile phone, and the last, internet was born.

Using the internet, people could do everything. Today, almost people rely on their activity on internet. By internet, the communication ways also were born such as email, instant messenger, voice call, or even video call. If we classify the kind of communication ways in Internet, we could call the first one is synchronous communication such as email and asynchronous communication such as voice call. Because of internet, the communication price is very cheap.

Today, even people separated away each other, they still could communicate. They could send email, chat, or video call. Information’s shared rapidly. For example : there accident in Jakarta, directly people in Bandung can get that information at the same time. Other example : people use Video Chat for meeting (they would be like hold meeting co-location).

Different with distance separation, time is said to be the hardest separation. Supposed I am in Turkey and I have friend in America, we must work together. It is hard for us to work together since when in Ankara 00.00 am, in LA America 14.00 pm (different day). It is hard to create synchronous communication. I am in Ankara sleeping and my friend in LA is working. So, the only way to communicate is asynchronous communication. We believe that the delay of communication could create information loss or information invalidity (out of date).  When in Ankara is Saturday, I have my holiday, but at the same time, my friend in LA, today is Friday. He still work in his office. So it is hard to force the people in Ankara to work following the America. Hmm, at the end, the extra cost (forcing the worker to work on holiday by giving bonus) on communication will be more caused by time difference.

Thank you for reading. Even distance to be the less separation for human being, but I prefer face to face communication. When I was visiting company, that they work together with other people over the world, they would prefer face to face communication while requirement engineering (finding what customer wants) and talking the safety about the products that are developed.


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