Weekly Photo Challenge : Sun | Sunlight

The sunlight break through the clouds and sky

I think I miss the Sun in this time, I meant, I only get the Sunlight not the Sun. The Sun hide itself over the clouds. May be some of you who visit this blog will disappointed since you don’t see the Sun in this picture. But believe me, the sun is right on the up left of this picture.

For this photo challenge (The Sun of April), I have been thinking what should I take. At the first time, I think, I could get the shadow of it in the water. Wah, but it is really hard to get it since almost in this week, it is not raining.

I tried to think again, well, it is simple and easy dik, that what I said to my self. My brain suggest me to use any water to do that. Yeah, right, taking water from some where (it could be from your bath room, water ways, or washbasin). But the other of my self said, no, no, you could not do that.  Yeah, I must not do that, I prefer find some thing that happen naturally.

Sunlight, we still has sun over the light. I think, I still could participate in this time. Close enough to get you Sun….

Thank you for visiting, and reading my story.

Have a nice day, a great trip in internet. 😀


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