Internet, 20 or 10 Years From Now? What’ll Happen?

I wonder, what will happen to the internet for 20 years from now? The internet is developing very fast since 1988. Internet is so opened, shared and transparent that the internet can be deloped until now. Now, by the internet, we can communicate with our friend, family. Student can study everything from the Internet.


Some people make some possibilities of the future of the internet 10 years from now. There are several posibilities, they are platform war, higher price, or a global open internet.


Btw, how is the internet history? was internet born by itself?



5 thoughts on “Internet, 20 or 10 Years From Now? What’ll Happen?

  1. wooow, progressif dan produktif sekali tulisannya..bagus bagus!!! terus semangat nulisnya!!! teteh dukung.. mau juga ah kompetisi sama sidik aah!!! sayangnya tulisan2nya belum jadi neeh ^_^

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