New Google Doodle Logo

When i open my browser this morning and i visit google site, wow, there is new google doodle. The new doodle is different than before. I think, google usually create doodle only one image, and always there is word google on web page. Today, the doodle consist of 17 images. I think, the arragement of those pictures can be read as “google”.

When we click one of those images, google will search about the picture and when we hover our mouse there, the image will zoom out smothly. Here google looks today :

17 Images are St. Basil’s Cathedral, Acropolis, Buche de Noel, Mt. Fuji, Great Wall of China, Perogi, Indian dance style, Sahara desert, Oud, Chili Pepper, Venice gondolas, Nepal, Chilean Vineyard, African Kanga, Up on the house top, Henna lamp. Yeah, those are 17 search queries when we click the google image doodle.

It seems people behind the doodle working really hard for creating that. Nice… 😀



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