Comparison Among Search Engines Interface

today, search engine is part of our life. by search engine, we can find information that we need. there are some search engine, one of the famous one is google. my friend even say “googling” when they are using google. But it is very amazing that every search engine has their unique user interface. Here, when i am looking for “seach engine”, the result of this query for each search engine that i know :


Upper image is the result when we search something and the lower image is the first interface when we open this site. We can also change the theme of this search engine. By changing it, we change the background. hmm, i think some search engine provide this fiture. On the right bar, we can see the realted search to our query. The make difference is the questions that is showed in the first interface. so, check it is out at oh, yeah, It doesn’t show the sum of my query.


here, one of the search engine, that quite famous in china and japan, i think. This search engine is covered japan and china. Here the first sight at this site :

Hmm, from the logo, i think, baidu has a doodle like. they change the logo, when there’s a certain event. But, i can use this search engine, because i don’t understand both japanese or chinese language. *i hope soon, i will have be able to speak japanese. find out at For searching my query, it takes 0,001s, ant the result is 8,080,000.


next, this search engine is commonly known as msn or live search i think but today we call it bing.

as previous search engine, we can change the background image. On the left bar, it is showed the related search. It also suggest us, to search our query in other web page, such as, twitter, yahoo, surf canyon, oneriot. It think, the make this unique is, the user “lup” rather than word “search”. find out at For my query, the result is 379,000,000.


Hmmm, it is the first time i heard blekko. Blekko is the unique one. Here the interface :

Blekko is still beta. It is unique, because we can find many “/” on there. yeah, it is called slashtag. We can create slashtag here, and the slashtag will filter our query. We also can report a bug to blekko if we find out. Blekko said “slash the web”. It is similiar to rinding the orange. When rinding the orange, we will throw away the rind, and we can get the orange.You can visit this site here :


Here the competitor of baidu, sogou is a chinese search engine.

I think the interface is similiar to previous search engine, it has doodle like. It has left bar and right bar. It is a chinese search engine, so the languge is chinese. For my query, the result is 100,415 and it takes 0,051 second. Visit here :


It is also the competitor of and youdao is a chinese search engine. It has a doodle like and a background image.


For my query, the result is 2460.


It is a russian search engine.The languge is russian. The user interface is quite unique, it has yellow search columb with the search button at the right.


the default value in the search area is breach out. Yeah, it is true that the result of my query is branch out. yeah, my search branchs into some branchs. They are images, serach result, top site, search result, etc.



Another search engine, it is called duckduckgo. It has duck image as it logo. And it has “lup” in the search columb.

Here we go, it is yahoo. I think everyone knows it.





hoam, i think you’re familiar with this search engine. I like some feature of it, like live search that allows us to get the result as fast as we finish typing. It also has doodle, it was amazing doodle, just like image below. It also has “https” or http. It also save our query, so when we are looking for it again, we will get the result fast. It also has accessibility enhancement. It will allows us to get a little view of the site that contains our query. For seach image, it is very amazing, cause, image that we select will appear infront of the site it self. Google also allows us to see the cached site. I think it is very usefull. When there are site down, we still can get the information from google cache.

Wow, there are some amazing search engines today. I can’t image our life without them. So, use them wisely.

Thank you… 😀



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