A Piece of Sponge Bob and Patrick Conversation

Unfortunately, when i was googling, i found this article in a forum. Hmmm, in my country, this forum is quite famous. It is kaskus. This article was written by one of forum member. This article tells about some parts of sponge bob square pants film. The article was funny but meaningfull. Here it is:

1.”Knowledge can’t replace a friendship, i (patrick) am prefer idiot to losing you(sponge bob).”

2. Spongebob: What do you usually do when i am going?
Patrick : I’m waiting for you come back.

3.When sponge bob became rich and forgot patrick. Sponge bob’s rich friends left sponge bob then sponge bob beg to patrick, and patrick said: “If money can make me forget my best friend, i prefer to having no money.”

4. Patrick shout : “I AM BAD AND I AM PROUND !!!”

5. If you tell your secret to other, it can not be called a secret again.

6.When patrick’s parent visited patrick, patrick was affraid to be called stupid. For helping his friend, sponge bob pretended to bo a stupid so that patrick would not be called stupid. Then patrick said to sponge bob : ” Friend is a power”.

7.When patrick was assumed as king inheritance, he become greedy, and took other stuff. Then he said : “life is not fair, so you should be familiarized.”

8.When sponge bob wanted to learn driving for getting license. Patrick said : ” you should learn how to walk, before be able to run.”

He… That was quite funny, but it had a deep meaning.


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